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Inherent Strengths emerge when a child's
INTEREST is discovered.
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Dr. Marilyn Rankin, top California educator, recognized as Woman of the Year. Her best ideas for education are given below:

Parents can give support to their children in three ways:

Children need ATTENTION of parents for their school work. ATTENTION is felt as love, security and safety.
Student effort is reinforced by parental ATTENTION.

SUCCESS is the biggest motivator for students to work hard,do a good job and be responsible. SUCCESS at school and SUCCESS at getting parents positive ATTENTION.

Learning needs to be FUN. Children love games. Making learning a series of games is FUN. The greatest FUN is getting the ATTENTION of parents and getting SUCCESS in at school as a reward.

PRINT out this page. Give this page to principals and teachers who can distribute it as a handout at PARENT MEETINGS.

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