Carroll D. Killingsworth

Inherent Strengths emerge when a child's
INTEREST is discovered.
Carroll D. Killingsworth

The word EDUCATE means to bring out that which is within.
Teacher's first priority -- bring out the Special Strengths
within each student.



Special Strengths Project

1) Motivation key to learning
2) Makes teachers heroic
3) Saves student lives

University Professors

Classroom Teachers

MOM - Masters of Motivation

Power Of Writing - Student Underdogs
Rebel Outlaws in Class - Demand Recognition
The Secret - Recognizing Special Strengths

Good Teachers - Success Secrets
Ten Secrets to Success
Slow Learners with Inherent Strengths
TOP TEN ­ Rewards of Teaching

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Sharon Blumberg (Illinois) On the initial day that I introduced the program, the students' eyes widened with looks of interest as I explained that everyone has special talents that are called "Gifts"

Tina Schimanski (Washington) "When Mr. Killingsworth first suggested my trial of the Gifts Project, I was hesitant. I am, after all, a dedicated mathematics and science teacher."

Ginny Hoover (Kansas) "It is always such a pleasure to observe the positive impact of the Gifts Project on my students."

Dan Coughenour (South Carolina) "I think it is so important for students to have the opportunity to recognize their own Special Strengths and to also be cognizant of other students' strengths. This helps to build community in the classroom."

Debbie Scott (California) "Special Strengths is how we get our kids through school. We're all about learning disabilities in children who are very bright but cannot express it in the conventional ways."

Misti Dunlap (Texas) "What an incredible concept you have. I have always had these same thoughts regarding students and their talents and gifts. You have spelled it out completely. I want to take this whole concept and run with it."

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