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Inherent Strengths emerge when a child's
INTEREST is discovered.
Carroll D. Killingsworth

"When you find your INTEREST that becomes your
passion and joy, you have found your life.


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TOP THREE Best Ideas for Teaching and Learning

Idea One -- Teacher learns of each student's INTEREST and encourages pursuit of it along with academic studies.

Teacher gives examples:

Albert Einstein was INTERESTED in a compass and pursued mathematics to discover its secrets.

Thomas Edison was INTERESTED in gadgets, discovered the light bulb and obtained many patents on other inventions.

Steven Jobs along with Steve Wozniak were INTERESTED in electronics and invented the personal computer.


Idea Two -- Teachers teach in at least three ways -- by telling, showing and doing.

Teacher explains why:

Each student learns by using some of these senses. (hear, see, touch, taste, smell)

Students learn by hearing
Students learn by hearing and being shown.
Students learn best by hearing, being shown and then doing the thing taught.


Idea Three -- Teacher provides enrichment materials and projects for students to pursue personal INTERESTS. This in addition to their academic work.

Teacher invites help with enrichments:

Teacher allows students to create their own enrichment projects related to INTEREST.
Teacher invites parents to provide enrichment projects.
Teacher shows the principal her enrichment program and asks for support.

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