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Inherent Strengths emerge when a child's
INTEREST is discovered.
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Learning Strategies

Motivation - find an interest that creates your special strength.
Discovery of your special strength provides motivation.
Motivation will achieve your dreams.
Sports - physical coordination enhances mental agility.
Vigorous physical coordination increases the ability to
learn faster and with greater ease.
Association - memory by association.
Use familiar associations with lots of repetition.
Carrot cake - orange like carrots. Associate colors, smells and tastes.
Notes - use notes to remember, speak and write.
Use written notes on cards or in papers and folders.
Notes with topic words and sentences provide memory references.
Show me - hearing and reading are often not enough.
Where is Missouri? See the map and draw the map.
Visualize its rivers, great arch in St. Louis and state topography.
Feel It - two something plus two something equals four.
Two apples plus two apples equals four. Tactile experiences increase learning. Use objects for touching, counting and sorting.
Multi-sensory - rhyme it, sing it and trace it.
Hear, see, touch, smell and taste - use them.
Record and hear spelling words and multiplication tables.
Experience - do it.
Dance, drama, music and poetry are ways of experiencing.
Use your special strength to reinforce learning.
After hearing it and reading it - explain it to someone.
Verbalizing strengthens learning. Explain with hand gestures, facial expressions and different tones of voice. This brings learning to life.
Participate with another person or persons - group learning.
Group study gives a variety of ways to learn. Each person in the group has special learning strategies. Make or join a group.

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