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Saving Lives

How I helped save lives -- Dr. C James Lovelace

I am a teacher. They call me Dr. Jim. I am on call. I got a call. My child has a life-threatening health issue. It breaks my heart. I was on the road again. I have knee replacement, hip replacement and heart by-pass. When called, I go without hesitation. I get called for health problems, kids in peril, family squabbles, money needs, recognition of family achievements and family familial gatherings. Family members say, "You are our hero. You save our lives."

At Humboldt State University, my work was in Biology. I hosted international conferences on Fluoride Research. Representatives from around the world attended, gained life-saving information and returned to their countries saving lives. Another science breakthrough research project of which I was a partner increased crop production. It is a process whereby vital plant nutrients are provided, in a new way, to nourish plants. Food production increased exponentially. Starving people are better fed. Lives are nourished and saved.

How I helped save lives -- Joy Rankin

I am a Christian. Jesus gave me eternal life. I want to help others have that same life-saving experience for themselves. I feel I have helped to guide others toward the saving grace of Jesus. I have influenced others with my testimony and the messages in my singing. Among my favorite songs are Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me; I love to tell the story of Jesus and His love; Love lifted me, when nothing else could help, love lifted me. These songs and their verses help me share my story of the saving grace of Jesus.


My loving daughter gives me credit for guiding her to the saving grace of Jesus. My guiding influence helped her make a commitment to become a Christian. Among the verses she loves are: The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want -- Psalms 23. Faith, hope and love, these three, but the greatest of these is love -- 1 Corinthians 13:13.

How I helped save lives -- Richard Fritz

I am a teacher and a fire fighter. I teach fire fighters. I teach by example. On an emergency call, I found a child wrapped in blankets on a hot day smothering from heat. I unwrapped the baby, cautioned the unwary mother and the boy was saved. I responded to an emergency with the boy down the deep, dark well. With the help of a guy with a backhoe, a dogcatcher with a rope and a utilities worker with a long pole; we saved the boy's life. I respond to every call for help. This includes the child drowning and person poisoned. Often the emergency call for help is for the lacerated, bleeding and sometimes unconscious in automobile accidents.

One of my jobs as firefighter and teacher was classes I taught at the California Specialized Institute at San Luis Obispo. The subject was Hazardous Materials Spill Mitigation. These classes save lives. When we learn more, we add steps on the stairway of the Upward Spiral of civilized culture. Teaching more, learning more and saving lives is what is meant by the concept of the Upward Spiral of civilized living.

How I helped save lives -- Larry Tiller

As teacher In my elementary school classes, I looked for a spark of "interest" in my students. When a glimmer of "interest" appeared, I would increase my recognition and focus on that student with encouragement and guidance. This teaching style is based on the concept that each student has inherent strengths. My purpose was to bring forth in those students their aptitudes, strengths and talents.

In my retirement years, I have enjoyed the appreciation of my former students. That appreciation was expressed in class and later in public. For example, students have rushed through the aisles of super markets, raced across parking lots dashed down sidewalks to say, "I learned to value and enjoy learning." "I got through school because of you." "You changed my life path." "Thank you, Mr. Tiller."

How I helped save lives -- Carroll D. Killingsworth

I am a teacher. It is my passion to bring out the best in each of my students. The word "Educate" means to bring out that which is within. One 8th grade student said, "Mr. Killingsworth, I thought I could never achieve anything in my life. Now I know I can do anything I decide to do. I was lucky to be in your class."

One early evening I was approaching the movie theater in Corte Madera, California. The movie was The Way We Were with Robert Redford. I was standing on the concrete median. Traffic was fast on this busy street. This young 8th grade student was with her mother across the street in front of the theater. Letting loose of her mother's hand, she dashed across the street, gave me a hug and said, "Thank you, Mr. Killingsworth, you saved my life." Then, she turned around to dash back to her mother. I grabbed her and yanked her from the path of a speeding car. Her mother said, "Mr. Killingsworth, you saved my daughter's life two times. We will never forget you."

Please share one of your life saving experiences.
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