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Inherent Strengths emerge when a child's
INTEREST is discovered.
Carroll D. Killingsworth
 Teachers -- help students find
each one's inherent strength


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TOP TEN ­ Rewards of Teaching
by Carroll D. Killingsworth

1.    Self satisfaction for a useful and worthwhile life
2.    Respect and admiration by students
3.    Family role model
4.    Community prestige
5.    High regard and recognition by peers
6.    Accelerated career path
7.    Opportunities to write and speak
8.    Increased power
9.    Positive legacy
10.  Pride in retirement that includes exuberance for professional excellence, contributions to culture in perpetuity and magnificently munificent memories.
Here is an example.  Larry Tiller is a retired California teacher.  His career exemplifies what teachers yearn for in their retirement.  During his teaching years, he recognized the INHERENT STRENGTHS of his students.  Larry brought forth self-discovery and self-confidence in often shy students.  Mr. Tiller's teaching style became the quality world for his students.  Now, when his former students see him, they run through the aisles of the super markets, race across parking lots and rush to greet him on sidewalks.  This running, racing and rushing to say, "Thank you, Mr. Tiller.  From your teaching, I learned to value and enjoy learning".  Some say, "Because of you, I got through school".   Most say, "I learned to love school.  You helped me develop greater respect for education and love of my country.  I am grateful for your inspiration.  You will always be special to me".  This is the legacy of good teachers.
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Good Teachers Success Secrets

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The PATH TO POVERTY. At risk students are vulnerable:

Vandalize and bully
Unwed teen parents
Drop out of school
Crimes and prison
Social disadvantage
Murder and suicide

Teachers and parents can endow students with Special Strengths. This
endowment will provide motivation and strength to choose a positive path.
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