Carroll D. Killingsworth

Each person's Inherent Strengths emerge when a students's INTEREST is self discovered.
Strengths, abilities and talents come forth allowing lifes dreams and destiny to be realized.
Carroll D. Killingsworth

Early slow learners who
pursued their interests:

Steve Jobs
Interested in electronics

Thomas Edison
Interested in gadgets

Albert Einstein
Interested in mathematics

Abraham Lincoln
Interested in politics

Henry Ford
Interested in cars

Ernest Hemingway
Interested in writing

Frank Lloyd Wright
Interested in architecture

Interested in music

Interested in philosophy



Discover your inherent strengths; engage them. Carroll Killingsworth (AL)
Go forth, be responsible and pursue excellence.
Mara Killingsworth (AL)
Create a positive influence and never give up.
Shane Killingsworth (AL)

Knowledge is wisdom. Wilburn Killingsworth (OK)
It's not just what you know, it's what you do with it.
Mike Killingsworth (CA)

Life offers choices of good or bad; choose good. Wayne Bush (CA)
Sound judgment is knowing when and how to take action.
Layne Kirk (CA)

Wisdom is the ability to pass it on. Alice Cothren (AL)
Balance emotions and intellect; physical and spiritual.
Jim Lovelace (WA)

Experience is best teacher, but only a fool learns that way. Frank Fletcher (CA)
Knowledge and understanding give wise decisions.
Harmon Fletcher (ID)

Education and hard knocks empower the path of life. Dick Fritz (FL)
Study, observe and make decisions from experience.
Jimmy Allison (OK)

Understand the situation fully before making decisions. Don Zumbro (CA)
Learn from mistakes and move forward.
Dan Rains (AZ)

Love and be loved; live life full. Gene Hall (NV)
Love children and animals; they will love you.
Yvonne Betowt (AL)

Insight is wisdom's light from within. Joe Whitby (CA)
Art cleanses the soul of the dust of everyday life.
Sherley Tucker (CA)

Education is the expanding development for each child. Marilyn Rankin (CA)
Actions reflect values; respect values of others.
Larry Tiller (CA)

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The list is endless of person's whose INTERESTS led them to fulfill their dreams and destiny





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