A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring
the pupil is hammering on a cold iron.  Mann

Power of WRITING

Students who score high on language and math tests are endowed in WRITING in the official school district records as "Gifted". This WRITTEN communication is given to 5 percent of students. This recognition of their special strengths motivates these students to work hard, do a good job and be responsible. The other 95 percent of students are not officially recognized.

Teacher asks students to look around the room and write down two or three special strengths seen in fellow students (no names). Teacher collects lists displays the wide range of special strengths.


Now, teacher asks students to write down two or three special strengths or interests seen in SELF. (Teacher assures confidentiality) Each student signs name and gives list to teacher.


Teacher encourages students to use each one's special strengths in school work and home work. Teacher regularly recognizes and comments on students' special strengths.

There is power in WRITING. Consider the Holy Bible, Constitution and the Gettysburg Address.

Creative teachers may design their own variations on the ABC theme. However, it is important that SPECIAL STRENGTHS of each student be placed in WRITING.

ATTENTION TEACHERS:  You may print out and copy these articles to share with teachers.

Examples of marginal, struggling individuals who were able to overcome disadvantages:

Abraham Lincoln: Born in abject poverty.

George Washington: Hopeless in Valley Forge.

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