Carroll D. Killingsworth

Inherent Strengths emerge when a child's
INTEREST is discovered.
Carroll D. Killingsworth

 The word "educate" means to bring out that
which is within. Webster's Dictionary


Famous people with learning disabilities:
Benjamin Franklin
Steven Hawkins

University Professors

Classroom Teachers

Model One: Recognizing Special Strengths
Model Two: Rebel Outlaws in Class
Model Three: Masters of Motivation
Model Four:
Power Of Writing

Good Teachers - Success Secrets
Ten Secrets to Success
Slow Learners with Inherent Strengths
TOP TEN ­ Rewards of Teaching


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Polling Parents and Educators:
How does the Special Strengths Program
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Model Two: Rebel Outlaws in Class

Rebel outlaws disturb class, destroy property and sometimes murder for recognition or revenge -- called the Columbine Syndrome. Other students repress their feelings and live lives of quiet desperation. Some students like Thomas Edison slept in class and got sent home as "Too Stupid to Learn". (true story) Edison's mother was a teacher and taught him at home. Mom taught young Edison to discover his strengths and encouraged him to pursue them.

Teacher asks students to look around the room and write down two or three inherent strengths seen in fellow students (no names). Teacher collects lists displays the wide range of inherent strengths

Now, teacher asks students to write down two or three inherent strengths or interests seen in SELF. (Teacher assures confidentiality) Each student signs name and gives list to teacher.

Teacher encourages students to use each one's inherent strengths in school work and home work. Teacher regularly recognizes and comments on students' special strengths in classwork and homework.


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