Carroll D. Killingsworth

Inherent Strengths emerge when a child's
INTEREST is discovered.
Carroll D. Killingsworth

 The word EDUCATE means to bring out that which is within.
Teacher's first priority -- bring out the Inherent Strengths
within each student.


 FAMOUS PEOPLE with ADD, ADA or Dyslexia
(learning challenged, slow learners)

Werner von Braun (flunked 9th grade algebra)
Abraham Lincoln (US President)
George Washington (US President
Albert Einstein (scientist)
Woodrow Wilson (US President)
Thomas Edison (inventor)
Thomas Jefferson (US President)
Elinor Roosevelt (first lady)
Alexander Bell (invented telephone)
Winston Churchill (flunked 6th grade)
Tom Cruise (actor)
Beethoven (composer)
Muhammad Ali (boxer)
Terry Bradshaw (football quarterback)
Steve Jobs (founder Apple Computer)
Leonardo di Vinci (inventor, artist)
Hans Christian Anderson (author)
Cher (actress, singer)
Henry Ford (founder Ford motors)
Walt Disney (fired, no good ideas)
Michael Faraday (physicist, chemist)
Dwight D. Eisenhower (US President)
Whoopie Goldberg (actress, singer)
Benjamin Franklin (politics, statesman)
Suzanne Summers (actress)
  Galileo (mathematician, astronomer)
Leo Tolstoy (Russian author)
Ernest Hemingway (author)
Michael Jordan (basketball player)
Frank Lloyd Wright (architect)
Steve McQueen (actor)
John F. Kennedy (US President)
Kirk Douglas (actor)
Robert F. Kennedy (Attorney General)
Agatha Christi (author)
Greg Louganis (Olympic gold, diving)
John Denver (singer, musician)
Sir Isaac Newton (scientist)
Mozart (composer)
General George Patton (military)
Louis Pasteur (scientist)
Pablo Picasso (artist)
Robin Williams (comedian)
George Bernard Shaw (author)
Socrates (philosopher)
Babe Ruth (baseball)
Vincent van Gogh (artist)
Steven Spielberg (film maker)
Henry David Thoreau (author)

 "Savant abilities may be universal or latent in all of us and could be released."
Oliver Sachs


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