Carroll D. Killingsworth

Inherent Strengths emerge when a child's
INTEREST is discovered.
Carroll D. Killingsworth

 The word EDUCATE means to bring out that which is within.
Teacher's first priority -- bring out the Special Strengths
within each student.



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This ROSTER OF RECOGNITION shows appreciation
to persons who support and recommend INHERENT STRENGTHS.
Forty-eight states representated

Carroll D. Killingsworth, Author
Special Strengths Concept

Ray Adomaitis (Texas) Ph.D. Asst. Prof. Counseling/Guidance, Univ. TX. Brownsville.
Motoko Akiba
(Missouri) Ph.D. Asst. Prof. Leadership & Policy, U. of Missouri, Columbia
Pamela Hudson Baker
(Ohio) Ed.D., Asst. Professor of Education, Ashland University
Elsie G. Babcock (Michigan), BA, MAT, Lecturer in Education, Wayne State University
Karin Bartoszuk
(Tennessee) Ph.D., Asst. Professor of Education. E.Tennessee St. Univ.
Sharon Blumberg
(Indiana) teacher, book contributor: Gifts of ALL children
Lori Bradshaw (Arizona) Ph.D. Asst. Prof. Special Ed., Teacher Education.
Jonathan R. Brown (Pennsylvania) Phd., Associate Professor, Clarion University.
Susan Breck (Illinois) Ph.D. Asst. Prof. Curr, & Instr. Southern Ill. Univ. Edwardsville
Edward Caropreso (North Carolina) Ph.D. Assoc. Professor of Education, Wilminton, NC
Mim Chapman (Alaska) Ph.D. Asst. Prof. of Educ., University of Fairbanks
Harry Chaucer (Vermont) Ph.D. Chair, Educ. Dept. Castleton State College
Simone Conceicao (Wisconsin) Ph.D. Asst. Prof., Masters Program, Univ. of Wisc.-Mil.
Kathy Coufal (Nebraska) Ph.D. Prof. Spec. Ed. Dept. of Psy. Univ. of Neb. ­ Omaha
David Daves (Mississippi) Ph.D. Asst. Prof., School Curriculum, U. Southern Miss.
Gene Davis (Idaho) Ed.D. Chair, Prof. Educ. Leadership, Idaho State University
Gregory Diggs (Colorado) Ph.D., Asst. Prof. of Education and Human Development
Don Dinkmeyer (Kentucky) Ph.D. Prof. of Counseling, W. Ky. Univ. Bowling Green, Ky.
Ellie Drago-Severson (Massachusetts) Ed.D. Harvard Sch. of Educ. Cambridge, MA.
Jerry L. Eshelman (Oklahoma), Faculty, Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, Okla.
Rebecca Feaster (South Dakota) Ed.D., Professor or Education, Dakota Wesleyan Univ.
Jeffrey Glanz (New York) Ed.D., Educ. Dept. Chairman, Wagoner College, NY
Jon Gordon (Florida) Author of Energy Addict and founder - PEP program for children.
Cherie Hawley (California) Ph.D. Prof. of Educ. Chair., Early Childhood, CSULA
Margaret Hicks (South Carolina) M.S. B.S. Instructor of Education, Anderson College
E. Elgen Hillman (Mississippi) Ph.D. Asst. Prof., Special Education, U. Southern Miss.
Ginny Hoover (Kansas) retired teacher, author, consultant, Ginny's web site.
Linda Hutchison (Wyoming) Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. of Secondary Educ. Univ. of Wyoming
Donnie Lawrence (West Virginia) Ph.D. Assoc. Prof. of Educ., Bluefield State College
Shane J. Lopez (Kansas) Ph.D. Asst. Prof. Psy & Research, Counseling Psy. Univ.
C. James Lovelace (California) Ph.D. Plant Biochemistry, Utah State University;
Professor Emeritus, Biology, Humboldt State University.
Otis K. Lovette (Louisiana) Ed.D. Prof., College of Education,Univ. of Louisiana, Monroe
B. Jeannie Lum (Hawaii) Ph.D. Assoc. Professor, Philosophy, U Hawaii Manoa
Kenneth B. Matheny (Georgia) Ph.D. Prof. Counseling and Psyc. Univ. of Georgia
Patricia Mathes (Texas), Ph.D., Endowed Chair in Reading, Professor & Research, SMU
Ernest McNeill (North Carolina) Ph.D., Dean, School of Educ., Fayetteville
Kenneth B. Miller (Montana) Ph.D. Professor, Education Theory, Montana State, Billings
Lynne Miller (Maine) Ed. D. Professor of Educational Leadership, Univ. of S. Maine
Miss Mac (California) Web site designer, Advocate of Special Strengths concept
Alvin B. Marson (Alabama) Ed.D. Professor, Dept. of Leadership, U West Alabama
Helen Mongan-Rallis (Minnesota) Ph.D. Assoc. Prof. of Educ. Univ. Duluth, Minnesota
Jean Moule (Oregon) Ph.D., Asst. Prof., Immersion Program Coordinator, OSU
Larry Nucci (Illinois) Ph.D. Prof. Psychology , Personal Sphere of Actions, Chicago Univ.
John Northup (Iowa) Ph.D. Asst. Prof. Dept. Psy. Behavioral Treatments, Univ, Iowa.
Fernando Padro (New Jersey) Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. Educ. Leadership, Monmouth U., NJ
Joan Pedro (Connecticut) Ph.D., Asst. Prof., Coordinator of Teacher Education.
Kimberly J. Poole (Maryland) Rh.D., Asst. Prof. Guidance & Counseling
Judy B. Pollak (Nevada) Ed.D. Assoc. Prof. of Educ. Univ. of Nevada, Las Vegas.
Scott Ridley (Arizona) Ph.D. Assoc. Prof. Elem. Educ. Arizona State University
Carlos J. Sandoz (Louisiana) Ph.D. Asst. Prof., Foundation & Leadership, Lafayette
Gary Schnellert (North Dakota) Ph.D., Assoc. Prof., Educ. Leadership, UND
Roberta L. Sejnost (Illinois) Ed.D. Asst. Prof., Curr.& Ed. Psy., Loyola Univ. Chicago
Michael F. Shaughnessy (New Mexico) Ph.D., Professor Special Educ., ENM Univ.
John Shindler (California) Ph.D. Prof. Curr. & Instr., The Problem Student, CSULA
Jolynn Tonsfeldt (Iowa) MSE, Teaching Methods, Northwestern College, Orange City, IA.
Margo Turner (Arkansas) Ed.D. Asst. Prof. Make a Difference, Ouachita Baptist Univ.
Jim Uhlenkott (Washington) Ph.D. Prof., School of Educ., E. Wash. Univ. Cheney, WA.
Polly Ulichny (Rhode Island) Ed.D. Director Elem. Teacher Educ., Brown U., RI
Barbara Walker (Oklahoma) Ed.D. Prof. of Teaching and Curric, OKState, Stillwater
Ruth Wharton-McDonald (New Hampshire) Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. of Educ., Univ. N. Hampshire
Rebecca S. Wheeler (Virginia) Ph.D. Research Scientist, Old Dominion U., VA.
Ed Wright (Florida) Ph.D. Harvard, Astronomy & Cosmology, Dean, FSU, Panama CIty, Fl.




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